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In 5th grade I moved to OGS from Woodland. I had a difficult time “fitting in”. It was hard to make friends and feel comfortable with teachers. So I pushed everyone away. I didn’t want help. Well I thought I didn’t need it. So of course my grades went DOWN. I was disappointed in myself for every bad grade. I was so disappointed that I wanted to punish myself. I started to pinch myself multiple times a day. That wasn’t enough. So I tried a method called “Self-Harming”. It’s basically where you cut yourself. And one night, I went to my kitchen, and pulled out this blue handle kitchen knife and I started to cut. There was blood. I had to clean the spot and the knife so my family wouldn’t suspect anything. I continued to do this until one of my friends saw my wrist and told a teacher. The teacher told the social workers and then told my mom. I felt miserable. I was even more disappointed that I wanted to commit suicide. I tried several times. My mom caught me on my last try, that was my last one.  I finally got the help that I needed. I got help from the social workers, family, and friends and I’ve been coping with my anxiety and depression without harming my body. I did not push everyone away. I’ve never felt so proud. I was so happy to find out I was improving on my mental illness. And today I am so proud that I have changed. I am glad that I’m not the person I was 2 years ago. And I am thankful that my friend told the teacher because without all the help, I wouldn’t be breathing today, Thank You.
"I started to pinch myself multiple times a day."