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Here's something I don't tell many people. I Have depression. And Anxiety. And I Have for six years. When I was 14, I started to get sad but as I was a teenager figured it was just normal changes. Until it didn't go away. It got to the point that I was never happy. Even at exciting events I couldn't shake the feeling of depression. And then, in 2013 things got really bad for me. I started to self harm. I just wanted to feel something other than the crippling numbness I was used to. I planned my suicide and I wrote notes. But I could never hurt my family by going through with it. No matter how much I didn't want to be here I couldn't do it to them. After all, they didn't know i was so depressed. IN 2015, I developed Anxiety. Walking through college became my nightmare and being in a place where people might judge me terrified me to the point of not wanting to go out. I stopped going to see friends and avoided going to work because it was just another place that i would feel anxious. Phone calls are my worst nightmare. The idea of having a conversation with someone I cant see worries me because I have no way to see what they're thinking. It has been six years and I'm slowly starting to feel better but i know that it will be a long struggle until I feel totally, truly happy and safe again. So that's my story.