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Bipolar, manic depression. I grew up hearing those words.i knew my dad had " another side". When he snapped in the past he broke my mom's friend's knees. Then he shot his woe and her mother. He robbed banks too. But he was always good to me. Although we always sensed that he could snap any time. I grew up scared, not of him but of what mood he'd be in that day. He confided in me at times. One day he told me he was going to rob a bank and if the police showed up he was shooting his way out because he refused to go back to jail. I was leaving for California with my 2 year old. I said Dad, don't be stupid. I am not coming back early from vacation for your funeral. Those were the last words I ever said to him. 3 days later my daughters father called me. He send don't get upset but your dad was arrested for robbing the bank. Upset? I was relieved!! He didn't die in a shoot out!! 2 days later the phone rang at 5am. My dad hung himself in jail.