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I'd always been a worrier. I would worry about travelling, my parents dying, my friends leaving me. None of it was ever much of an issue until I started having panic attacks and having to avoid social situations because my head was telling me no even though my heart wanted to do the things I enjoyed. I had to stop school because I couldn't physically walk in anymore. My moods became so unpredictable and still are - I think I'm mostly shocked by how suddenly and forcefully this came on, although looking back I probably should have seen it coming. My brain has betrayed me, and I no longer feel like I am in my own body. There is always a sense of detachment. But I am hopeful that I will overcome my anxiety,and that it won't stop me from living my life. For now I may be trapped in my own private mental hell, but I believe that I can beat this. Most days are bad days but in the seconds of hope that I grasp at when I can, I can see a better brighter future for myself.