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I have been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was 13 years old, triggered by my parents' divorce. Getting through high school was like fighting a war against myself. It was so hard for me to make and keep friends. Somehow I made it to college. The first semester was great, I had tons of friends, I went to parties. My depression was under control, I felt great. And then I got raped at a party. The investigation and court dates were traumatizing and demeaning. My friends acted all supporting but when I came back to school second semester things had changed. My friends had moved on and I was still reeling from the changes in my life forced on me. My depression got worse and worse. I started cutting myself. Every time the people I called my friends ignored me, I cut myself. I had a line of scars down myour leg, but still none of them knew how much emotional pain they were causing me. I don't think they care. I started getting into trouble. I got arrested. I almost got kicked out of college. I'm trying to help myself now. I'm trying to focus on school and feel better about myself. The loneliness is killing me inside.