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I had a pretty normal life I guess; until I was in my late twenties. In 2013 on New Year's Day (I'll never forget that day) my best friend came out as bisexual. This was a huge blow to me emotionally in a way I can't describe. He was like the other half of me in a way and learning this about him made me feel extremely unbalanced. I had my first panic attack that day I didn't even know what was happening like I was somewhere outside myself looking in I couldn't breathe and everything else seemed disconnected somehow. I had another panic attack about six months later and while I didn't have another one for another few years my journey was far from over. Fast-forward about two years later I had another bad flareup of anxiety, but this time it was coupled with what turned out to be moderate depression. I had depression on and off every once in a while and it usually went away but this time it didn't it was steadily getting worse and worse. Finally my friend suggested I go to the doctor, which I did. I am now on medication daily which helps a great deal but I still struggle from time to time and am still learning what it's like to live with this thing called mental illness. extremely unbalanced