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My name is Vidhi Yadav. I'm a 17 year old class 12th student studying psychology in Mumbai, India. Beyond The Bounds is an initiative to break the silence on Mental Health, to create a world where people are free to express of what they are going through,a voice of every individual who hesitate to share his/her feelings,an initiative to break the taboos about depression. Till now I have impacted 166 lives. This initiative is for the youth of every country. Recently I presented my project at Harvard University at Harvard Model United Nations 2019 and I gave an interview about the same. Beyond The Bounds is about breaking the boundaries and pursuing what your heart says. Depression is just not a feeling of sadness and loneliness but I believe the real depression is about the juggling between heart and mind when you really don't understand which one to listen. My advice to each and every youth is that pursue what you actually love doing, follow your passion, if you think that your voice of passion has that power to change the world to make it a peaceful place to live....... go ahead and do it. Always believe in yourself when nobody believes in you!